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The Gantenbein Winery

On the edge of the wine-growing village of Fläsch in the Grisons Rhine Valley stands a striking ensemble of buildings amidst the vineyards: The Gantenbein Winery where Martha and Daniel Gantenbein have been producing wine since 1982. They knew from the start that the vine is the key, so they planted burgundy clones in their vineyards. They learned that it is vital for the grape to keep its quality on its way from the vine to the bottle, so they structured their production accordingly: The flow of the grapes and the juice is based on the force of gravity which means that neither pumps nor filters are needed. An area of 12.5 acres – and thus the largest part – is dedicated to Pinot Noir. Chardonnay is grown on 2.5 acres while Riesling covers an area of 0.5 acres. “Gantenbein” is only available from a small net of wine distributors – worldwide.

Architecture of the Gantenbein Winery

Just outside Fläsch, a small village in the Grisons Rhine Valley, stands a striking ensemble of buildings amidst the vineyards. The Gantenbein Winery. The brick façade of the extension designed by architects Valentin Bearth, Andrea Deplazes and Daniel Ladner in 2008 can be seen from afar. It houses a shipping hall in the basement, a Cuverie on the ground floor and a restaurant on the top floor. The flow of the wine, the laws of gravity, the temperature controls and the work process dictated the architecture and the layout. Our Winery is a rugged operation as well as a culturally demanding construction. The brick building is the first masterpiece created in the studio of digital fabrication by Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler at the Technical University in Zurich (ETH) and in the brick-works of Christian Keller. The prototype of a brick wall was calculated by a computer and built by a robot. The bricks have been set out in a way that pictures are created on the façade outside and optical effects inside. This light filter ensures a constant temperature and a stable flow of light in our Cuverie.

Pinot Noir

„A fine and full-bodied wine, subtle and focused, delicate and complex. Harmony and contrast. This is our Pinot Noir? Mais oui!“


„We love the mineral character of great Chablis, the fruity, fusing power of white Burgundy and our Chardonnay in which all these characteristics are united.“


„Our Riesling reminds of friends on the Moselle, a firm touch of acid, a distinct fruity character and a gentle fusion. Clearly, the language is German."


„Marc from Fläsch comes from our own distillery. We distill the grape pomace, wine lees and wine and store the spirits for 15 years in oak barrels before blending them to our velvety Marc.“


The à table hall

Doris and Roland Kalberer work in the „à table“ festivity hall, cooking and serving exquisite meals on request and to individual requirements. The hall offers seating for 24 guests.


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